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There are separate registration forms for each of the different divisions in BJFL (but you can still pay for them all at once during checkout).

Parents with children playing in different divisions (e.g. one son playing in 2nd Grade and one playing in 3rd Grade) should complete both registrations and submit payment on the last registration to get the family discount.

The BJFL online registration system requires member (parent/guardian) registration AND player registration.

If your son or daughter played in BJFL last year, they (and you) are most likely already in the system. To retrieve your password, enter your email address ONLY, and hit submit. You will then receive an email providing a link to set your password. 

Please check over all contact information and make any additions or changes as necessary (especially pay attention to what grade your child will be in for the 2021-2022 school year). This is where you can turn on texting or email (to be contacted for league related messages - rain closings, etc).

Please email the board with any questions at: