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2014 BJFL Coach Certification Listing

These BJFL Coaches have completed the USA Football Heads Up Football Coach certification. Each BJFL Coach has been asked to complete the certification prior to the season opener. This list will be updated periodically.
Thank You to the following coaches for completing the cerification or re-certification

Jeremy Austin

Brian Banich

Jason Berkholz

David Billups

Gary Blythe

Shawn Bollinger

Jason Bostic

Charlie Brodt

Barry Brown

Lloyd Brown

Jason Cole

Eric Davis

Michael DeCesare

Tracy Dove

Thomas Duncan Jr.

Jeremy Dunn

Steve Fletcher

Derek Fudge

Stephen Fuqua

Brian Giles

Brad Grant

Charles  Hall

Martin Hession

Curt Hill

Ryan Hoover

Damon Jarvis

Greg Jobe

Curtis Jones

David Keifer

Jim Kelley

Darren Lambert

Chad LaRoche

Scott Lawless

Andy Leininger

Eric Lewis

Andrew Lien

John Mathews

Jeremy Maurer

Doug Mayfield

Alan McKelvey

Scott Milner

Darnell Moffitt

David Mullikin

Kevin Nabors

Ryan Peterson

Curtis Preller

Josh Reynolds

Mike Runyon

Anthony Spagnuolo


John Thompson

Jeremy Toney

Jeremy Wagner

Ben Weesner

Benjamin Welsh

Michael Wood

Evan Wysong