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Equipment FAQ

  1. What equipment does BJFL provide?
    BJFL provides helmets and shoulder pads.  The league will also provide one mouthpiece. As part of the registration, your player will receive a game jersey.  
  2. What type of pants do you recommend that we buy for our player?
    The league requires your player to wear black pants.  We recommend that you purchase pants with the integrated pads that can be washed without removing the pads. These can be purchased from TeamSports in Brownsburg, Dick’s Sporting Goods or any athletic distributor online.
  3. What does my tackle league player need for practices?
    - helmet, shoulder pads, pants, cleats, mouthpiece
    - mesh jersey or large shirt to cover shoulder pads
    - water bottle
  4. When will my player receive his game jerseys?
    Early registrants should receive jerseys in late July.  Late registrants should have jerseys just prior to first scrimmage in August. These will be distributed to head coaches.
  5. Where can I have my player’s name put on his jersey?
    There are a number of vendors that will apply block letters to the jersey,  such as TeamSports in Brownsburg.  This is at your own discretion and is not required by the league.
  6. I need help putting equipment on my player.  Where can I receive instruction and/or help?
    Each of the equipment manufacturers has instructions on their respective websites. You may also contact your head coach for assistance.
  7. My player is complaining of his helmet being too tight or not fitting correctly. What can I do to fix it?
    This often happens over the first few practices as the boys get used to wearing helmets again. The helmets will be able to be removed easier when the player perspires. These helmets should fit very snug.
  8. My player’s helmet or shoulder pads need repaired or are missing pieces. What should I do?
    Please notify your head coach and he will contact a BJFL Board member to obtain the necessary part/piece.