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Practice Reminder
by posted 08/01/2020


I just wanted to remind everyone that we will practice from 9-10am on Saturday morning, regardless of rain.  The only way that Coach Myles and I will cancel practice will be due to lightning, therefore please plan to bring an umbrella if it's a little soggy in the morning 😁. 


Coach Spinks and Coach Myles

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Practice Reminder!
by posted 07/29/2020


I hope everyone is having a great time watching your youngster play and grow their skills as a football player--I know Coach Myles. and I certainly are!  I wanted to remind everyone that we will continue to have practice on Wednesdays from 6-7pm AND Saturdays from 9-10am at the spot just west of the tennis courts at West Middle School until games start, which is August 15th--we will simply have a game instead of practice on Saturdays.  

Our game format is going to be slightly different from that of the other leagues as we only have 1 team--what we will very likely do is on "gameday", Coach Myles and I will pick teams, very similar to a pickup basketball game.  We are still evaluating where all of the kids are in terms of skill, so we will do our best to make sure that the teams are balanced.  

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and let's keep playing some football!


Coach Spinks (317-695-8007) and Coach Myles (541-690-9200)

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Welcome and Practice Schedule
by posted 07/20/2020


Welcome to the 2020 season for Brownsburg Flag Football!  Rashon (R.J.) Myles and I (Joe Spinks) will be the co-head coaches for the league this year, seeing as though we have 18 kids.  We will conduct joint practices each week, focusing on the fundamentals of the game including running the football, taking and giving a handoff, blocking, defeating blocks, and lining up appropriately.  We will provide a safe, fun, and energetic environment for the kids so that they will hopefully fall in love with the game and want to continue into the future!  Please note the following:

  • Practice will begin this Wednesday, July 22nd at 6pm, at Brownsburg West Middle School--we will utilize the piece of ground just west of the Tennis Courts, therefore please enter the Tennis Court parking lot off of Hornaday and make your way to the west end of the lot
  • Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early if possible so we're ready to go at 6pm
  • Seeing as though we're working with 4-5 year olds, we will have practice for at least 45 minutes but may practice a full hour--this will depend on if the kids are still engaged as 4-5 year olds tend to wander after a bit!
  • We will also hold practice at 9am on Saturdays until games officially begin, which is slated for August 15th--we will provide more information as it becomes official
  • If by some chance you cannot make practice or a game, please call or text myself at 317-695-8007 or R.J. at 541-690-9200
  • Please ensure that you fill out the COVID form via the link below--we will clarify if this needs to be done before each practice, however please complete before Wednesday's practice


    We are looking forward to working with your kids and we will make sure that they have fun while learning the game of football!


    R.J. and Joe

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