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Coach Hart's Camp MVPs!!!

Congratulations to all of our MVPs from Coach Hart's Camp.

Please stop by the concession stand to grab your MVP shirt this Saturday!

Eli Killion, Drevin Esparza, Ashton Eifert, Blake Kapitan, Micah Billups, Dami Sowunmi, Abner Turcios, Oscar Frye, Jaxson Pierson, Brice Kapitan, Trentin Russ, Christopher Harris, Cameron Biddings, Bryler Touloukian, Grevin Fields II, Brayden Greathouse, Canyon Koonce, Max Rushenberg, Peter Rushenberg, Camden Frame, Bo Lewis, Isaiah Duncan, Miles Mays, Marcus Virgil

by posted 08/18/2020
BJFL Gameday Guidelines

Parents and Coaches,

Week 1 is finally here!  Like all other organizations, we have a few rules and guidelines to help our families stay healthy.  While health is our #1 concern, staying healthy also ensures we have a Week 2.  We will be at different locations this year (BHS week 1, BEMS week 2, and BWMS week 3) so the instructions may change a bit week to week and we will communicate those changes leading into the weekend.  
Regardless of location, we will have some constants throughout this season.
We will require spectators to wear masks at the fields. Masks will also be worn by coaches, referees, parents on the chains and board members on duty for each game.  You children do not need to wear masks while on the field, BUT THEY WILL NEED A MASK for the sidelines and concession stand.  
Social Distancing
Do your best with social distancing, whether it be in bleachers or on the sidelines.  Same with potential lines to the bathrooms or concession stand.  Please form single file lines at these locations.
Limit Spectators
Try to limit those coming to view the game.  We understand families love to come watch their kids play football, but if we could keep spectators to 4-5 fans per player, we should be well under the state's stage 4.5 guidelines at each field.
Limit Exposure
Coaches, we will direct you on your warm up areas based on home/away for each field. Please keep your team in that area until your field has cleared.  We ask that once you play, you exit the field promptly to allow the next group to move in.  Parents, we ask that you get your child to their specified warm up area (to be communicated by league and coaches based on field) and wait in cars or outside the complex until the prior game on your field has ended and fans have exited.  We also ask that you promptly exit the bleachers or sidelines once your game has ended to allow the next group to begin.
Concession and Team Treats
All food items this year must be prepackaged items, whether from our concession stand or parents.  We recommend purchasing treat tickets from our concession as a way to ensure you are following the guidelines, while also helping our league.
BJFL will sanitize the chain sets between each game.  Coaches, parent volunteers and league personnel on the sidelines must wear masks.  Players not actively in the game will need to wear masks while on the sideline as well.
As we have done all year, all players and coaches must fill out their self-health screen to participate in practices and games.  While we won't require this for spectators, if you have any symptoms such as fever or cough, please stay home.  Also, while we are doing our best to follow guidelines and stay healthy, if you are in a high risk health category, we recommend you give extra thought to your attendance.  Please be sure to share this information with spectators that may not receive this email.  
Thank you in advance for following these points.  As mentioned, anything we can do to stay healthy and keep football going is worth it!  See you guys out there on Saturday!

by posted 08/18/2020
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To provide every player with a positive and fun atmosphere, and to instill in them good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and an overall appreciation for the game of football.
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